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Zipper chain by the yard

While the humble zipper doesn’t generally attract much attention to itself unless it breaks down, they are essential, and will be more important than we generally give them credit for. In fact, our favourite articles of clothing will often be useless simply because the zipper has broken down. Many of us will have no idea where to look for a replacement, but those in the know will find their zipper at

They have a wide selection, and because they are online they will be the most convenient choice. They have zippers in a wide variety of colors, styles and even types of closure, including two-ended, separating and closed-ended zippers.

They also sell zippers by the yard. This means that you can buy the zipper chain separately, and then finish it with ends and sliders that you can also get from Zippershipper. This lets you have more control over the final zippers, and is a good choice when you find yourself in need of several zippers for a team or corporate item.