Monthly Archives: February 2016

Capturing Your Perfect Look

Capturing your perfect look is a lot simpler than many people would imagine. While most spend so much time dealing with frustrating selfie sticks and smartphones, the answer lies in upgrading to a real camera. It may seem like an overinvestment, but if you are serious about capturing the true essence of your beauty, you need to get serious about the equipment you use to do so.

After spending hours on skincare, your nails, hair, and teeth, why throw all of that effort away with poor equipment? If you are wondering why your pictures always turn out looking average or subpar even, the answer lies in the lens, not in what it’s pointing out!

Many people misdirect the time they spend on beautifying themselves- all of your hard work already has paid off- you look wonderful!

Instead of trying to take frustrating selfies, invest in a real camera from a company like Canon. You need a real camera to capture real beauty. When you see photographers taking landscape photos or portraits, do you ever see them using a smartphone? Professionals photographers use real cameras to take quality photos, not smartphones. Amateurs also use cameras.

You don’t need to develop film and spend a lot of time in the process either- a digital camera will give you many of the benefits of a smartphone with a lot of extra power and detail.

Right now from Canon, you can get huge savings, between $300 and $550 off select cameras. When you are ready to share your photos, you can also purchase special photo paper to ensure your photos come out on top quality paper.

Investing in equipment that turns out the highest quality product is definitely the way to go. If you are looking to celebrate all of the hard work you have put into your body over the years, why sell yourself short by using a small phone that was designed more for texting than capturing beauty?